Moombahton Gone Nuclear by Dj Polarizer

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Moombahton Gone Nuclear V.4


Mix by DJ Polarizer

Hi y'all  i hope u doing well as u receive this Christmas gift :o) , lost is going on sins MGM v.3 

lots of track have been suggested many really good tracks some of them got flag by soundcloud 

so i been a little more careful  in choosing the tracks so i been looking for alternative to release the MGN4,  like band camp, youtube, Beatport mix, mix cloud, iTunes Podcast… en  what i decide to do is to release it in all platform :O) and see which platform works out best..

in other note ill be expanding on genres included to the MGN series as there are many hybrid tracks out there if it sound good it ill be included…

as always this is a free download suggestions are ways welcome  

send me your sugestions / tracks  links to

Moomabahton Gone Nuclear 4

Track list 

  • 01- Woogie -Barrio (dj kym edit}
  • 02- SCRP x Jonny Good - Lose it (Alex M4x & DJ Kym edit)
  • 03- Recess (Reid stefan remix)
  • 04- Ya tu sabe (Naybr x Sesvme)
  • 05- Selecta Doc - Body Look So Good (Dj Kym Upgrade Bootleg)
  • 06- Fat Tony x Drull x Akhil Sesh x Trpl Blk - Insecure (Ricky Vaughn Remix) MSTR_FIN
  • 07- Bashin´(Mody´s Remix)
  • 08- Casper & Bumb.Ay & G-unnior-Badman! (Original Remix)
  • 09- Nasty bij DJ Polarizer
  • 10- Dj Beckman - Me Gusta Tu Culo (Dj Kym Edit)
  • 12- Breathe by Singularity ft. Steffi Nguyen (Au5, Auratic & I.Y.F.F.E. Remix)
  • 13- Riot Sound by Champion Rocka 
  • 14- Lizard Lounge 
  • 15- Tyku - Sippin On Yak
  • 16- Notixx - Off the Wall [ Exclusive]
  • 17- Ricky Vaughn - The Secret (Dj Kym Upgrade Bootleg)
  • 18- Jorgen Odegard - Hold Up  Exclusive]
  • 20- D-DOTS - Way We Like.mp3
  • 21- Set Sail by KRUMM - Exclusive
  • 24- Bro Safari - Scumbag (J.Rabbit Remix) v5
  • 25- Pixie Trace - Origins (Original mix)
  • 26- MALA MUJER by Di Hell! 


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